First Fridays Have Made Their Way To the Poconos

Fridays are always something to look forward to, but the First Fridays are the ones that are really worth all the excitement!

First Fridays are city/town events held on the first Friday of every month that encourage the community to come together and enjoy a social gathering put together by the local authority. These Fridays are used as a way to promote social networking amongst the general public and bring attention to local businesses or politics.

Although these Fridays are a fun way to get the community together, not every town hosts them. Thankfully, that won’t be an issue for any local residents as the Mount Pocono Borough invites everyone to join them on the First Friday of June (6/3) at the pavilion behind the Borough Building located at 1361 Pocono Blvd in Mount Pocono between 6 pm – 8:30 pm. This event is sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Committee and will include free food, music, fellowship, and fun. Entree to this event is free and there is no need to register for it. The Borough asks that you bring a plate to share.

These First Fridays have begun this May and are planned to continue until September. These Friday events will all be held at the same time and location behind the Borough building.

Events such as these First Fridays are a wonderful opportunity to connect with your community and strengthen relations between residents and the local jurisdiction. If one does not have any Friday plans, it is definitely worth a visit to get involved with your community.

For a list of other events held by the Mt. Pocono Borough, visit their site.

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