Happy Hour Ends Early As Former Stroudsburg Councilman Is Arrested

Former Stroudsburg Councilman Eric Scelza, the Owner of Happy Hour Bar & Grill, is served just desserts as undercover officers arrest him and Jessica Bauer for alleged prostitution.

According to detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division of the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, on May 24, 2022, an undercover prostitution sting was conducted in Stroudsburg Borough, Monroe County. The result of the sting had both Jessica Bauer and Eric Scelza of Stroudsburg arrested. Throughout May of 2022, Detective Kim Lippincott discovered that Bauer was allegedly prostituting out of a hotel in Stroudsburg. Bauer was on the run after escaping a court-mandated drug rehab and had an outstanding warrant. Detectives had a reputation for being crack cocaine users. After the undercover officer responded to an online advertisement for prostitution, Bauer instructed the officer to come to the hotel in Stroudsburg. The undercover officer arrived at the hotel, and Bauer had asked the officer to give her a moment. A few moments later, Eric Scelza left the room. Scelza and Bauer ended up detained after Scelza tried escaping. Officers read Bauer her Miranda Rights. She then stated that she and Scelza finished their date and that he allegedly paid her $100 for sex. According to Bauer, Scelza was a regular customer.

Officers searched the hotel room and revealed that Bauer possessed methamphetamine and several items of drug paraphernalia. Bauer and Scelza were fingerprinted and photographed. Bauer currently is held at the Monroe County Correctional Facility for an unrelated matter. Scelza was released from custody, with both appearing in court at a future date.

Monroe County District Attorney’s Office has ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking in the Poconos.

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