Foreign Invasion at FPW’s Sink or Swim!

Shawn Hardy and 1CW wasted no time making sure the Frontier Pro Wrestling fans knew they were here for a reason. Hardy had been watching the videos of FPW action and made the trip from Delaware to show his roster’s superiority. Our hero, CEO Miguel Del Barrio, answered the call with a group of FPW wrestlers to try to drive away the visiting menace.

The confrontation began directly with a contest between 1CW Cruiser Weight champion, Mister Motivation, Eddie Velazquez, and FPW local King of the cruiserweights, Dyson Bennet. It wasn’t hard to see the betrayal on the faces of the audience, who were used to seeing Velazquez motivate the FPW crew. The fast-paced action between these two superstars had everyone on the edge of their seats. 

A tag team competition followed the cruiserweights. FPW’s Top Tier (Adam Lockwood and Tonouac) faced off against 1CW’s The Doggs. All four of these stars showed extreme intensity, delighting the onlookers.

Invasions can’t keep traditional rivalries at bay, though. The Pride championship promise still had to be upheld. El Rey put the title on the line against the man with the highest claim, “Pretty Boy” Nick Thompson. Though Thompson put up an amazing fight, El Rey ultimately remained champion. The tension was thick as Thompson reluctantly walked away as the GM watched curiously from the catwalk.

1CW had their own rivalries to show, as Philly Mike challenged 1CW champion Myles Millenium. This match brought new extremes to the FPW ring as the challenge progressed into the audience, onto the merch tables, and even saw Philly Mike jump from the catwalk down a full story onto the champion who was recovering on the floor.

Continuing a grudge, The Associates faced off against FPW Heavyweight Champion Skylar Kincade and The Mastadon. Though Mastadon’s massive frame gave him a distinct advantage in this competition, he was handcuffed to the ropes by Aaron Roxas, allowing the Associates to dismantle Kincade. By the time Mastadon was able to move, “Showtime” Luca Mancini had finished with the wayward champion. What does this mean for the champion?

It was time for the much anticipated Lumberjack Strap match. The locker room emptied and surrounded the ring, holding belts and various works of leather. Miguel Del Barrio was distracted, as his usual manager and long-time friend, GM Robin, was absent from ringside. The GM was seen, once again nested up on the catwalk. Del Barrio called up to his friend, and just as the GM was answering, “El Lucha King” Felipe jr. took advantage and attacked Del Barrio from behind. The sound of snapping leather resounded time and time again throughout the match as the lumberjacks exchanged blows with the competitors. Finally, Felipe was joined in the ring by Top Tier, but Del Barrio was able to come out on top. Felipe exited, passing by the disapproving looks from the GM, who turned his back and left as Miguel celebrated the end of the night.

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