Liquor Control Board Will Provide $3.4 Million In Alcohol Education 

In an effort to reduce the amount of underage drinking and the overconsumption of alcohol, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has issued awards to communities and institutions to educate the public on the dangers of drinking.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) has announced it will award almost $3.4 million to 97 schools, community organizations, municipalities, law enforcement organizations, nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations, and institutions of higher education through the 2022-24 Alcohol Education Grant Program.

“Funding projects that support alcohol education and promote public health and safety is a vital part of our mission,” said PLCB Chairman Tim Holden. “Since 1999, the PLCB has awarded $21.1 million in alcohol education grants to prevent underage and irresponsible drinking.” 

This year, of 110 grant applications received, 97 organizations from 41 counties across Pennsylvania were awarded a total of $3,364,989 in grants. The maximum award for each two-year grant is $40,000.

Of the grants awarded:

  • 29 will fund community law-enforcement efforts for targeted underage patrols, training, community outreach, and equipment.
  • 28 will be used to support community and nonprofit organizations by funding initiatives such as MADD’s Power of Parents®, and Parents Who Host Lose the Most®, Project Northland, public service announcements, and enforcement efforts.
  • Four will go to primary and secondary schools to fund various programs aimed at reaching students, such as social norms media campaigns, guest speakers, and impaired driving simulation activities.
  • 34 college and university grants will help schools develop strategies to reduce underage and dangerous alcohol use through surveys and assessments, enforcement efforts, attendance at alcohol education conferences, training for resident assistants, peer education programs, and evidence-informed programs like EVERFI AlcoholEdu®, and EdventiTM.
  • One will go to a for-profit organization aimed at peer-to-peer outreach and public service announcements. 
  • One will go to a post-secondary education center to fund student programs, including virtual driving simulation, alcohol-related DVDs, and prevention-focused curriculums.

*The complete list of grant recipients and projects is available at*

In addition to the provision of millions of dollars in alcohol education grants to communities, educational institutions, and law enforcement agencies, the PLCB works to educate the public about the dangers of underage and dangerous drinking through a variety of other avenues. These include a free annual alcohol educational conference, an award-winning prevention campaign – Know When. Know How.SM – targeted to underage drinking, the creation and distribution of a wide range of educational materials, Responsible Alcohol Management Program training and resources for licensees, and training and technical assistance for organizations working to address the issues related to irresponsible consumption. 

The PLCB regulates the distribution of beverage alcohol in Pennsylvania, operates 600 wine and spirits stores statewide, and licenses 20,000 alcohol producers, retailers, and handlers. The PLCB also works to reduce and prevent dangerous and underage drinking through partnerships with schools, community groups, and licensees. Taxes and store profits – totaling nearly $18.7 billion since the agency’s inception – are returned to Pennsylvania’s General Fund, which finances Pennsylvania’s schools, health and human services programs, law enforcement, and public safety initiatives, among other important public services. The PLCB also provides financial support for the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, other state agencies, and local municipalities across the state. For more information about the PLCB, visit