FPW’s NEPA Cup Is Coming To The Poconos This Weekend

Last year, the NEPA cup tournament premiered, setting the top seat at Frontier Pro Wrestling. Skylar Kincade won, ensuring his presence in the match to determine the Heavyweight Champion. This year, tag teams will compete for a similar status.

As participants have been announced, the fans have made their voices heard. The excitement grows daily over the upcoming tournament. In fact, the reach has been astounding, with teams traveling from all over to participate.

The participants so far include Blue and Gold (Andy Header and Matt Turner), Diamond City War Machines (Eric Pinhat and Brad DeMaio), Creamy World Order (Stan Stylez and Marc Angel), The team of Riley Krowe and Philly Mike Swanson, The Associates (Aaron Roxas and “Showtime” Luca Mancini), Pretty Boss (“Pretty Boy” Nick Thompson and CEO Miguel Del Barrio), Top Tier (Adam Lockwood and Tonouac), and The Throne Inc (Daniel Riley and KC Lycan). Many of these teams are already familiar fan favorites, and some are new pairings of amazing stars.

These superstars are working harder and harder each day to prepare for the tribulations of the coming competition. It has been obvious how vicious individuals like Mancini and Tonouac can be, but it remains a mystery just how deep they can all reach when the NEPA cup is shining as the light at the end of this tunnel. Remember that winning means another match, then another one. It is rough enough to make it out a single time, but to be tortured multiple times in one night? It will certainly prove the winning team’s worthiness and dedication.

Remember that “El Lucha King” Felipe jr finally gets his title shot after a long trial against CEO Miguel Del Barrio? At the NEPA Cup, Skylar Kincade will defend the FPW Heavyweight Championship against this dastardly character. Has Skylar recovered from the beating he took at the hands of The Associates at Sink or Swim? Does Felipe have some trick up his sleeve to sneak in a win against one of FPWs most dominant stars? Come down on August 6th to the Tunkhannock Volunteer Fire Company to find out!

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