It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

On August 2, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day makes an appearance. Americans came up with unique, classic, and tasty Ice cream sandwiches, so now is the time to celebrate what makes America great.  

This celebration of a revolutionary ice cream treat is not only in America but worldwide, according to National Today. The American version of an ice cream sandwich has two rectangular or circular flat chocolate-soft cookies with vanilla and another flavored ice cream in the middle. Numerous other countries have caught on to this frozen delicacy, innovating the ice cream sandwich, and making it their own, appealing to the tastes of their locals.  

North America 

In North America, the earliest known evidence of ice cream sandwiches is 1899, according to the Boston Globe. New York street vendors served up slabs of ice cream between sheets of paper called hokey pokeys until someone had the revolutionary idea of using cookies instead. In 1905 at a show in Jersey Shore, these ice cream sandwiches sold for a penny each. This period was known as the endless summer.

In 1921, Russell H. Proper was the first to patent the ice cream sandwich machine. The popular Chipwich, created in 1942, usually has a vanilla ice cream filling and is sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. Ever since August 2, 2005, we have had this national holiday. Even Costco and GoodPop have got in on the fun, with exclusive ice cream sandwich giveaways to pop off the holiday. The ice cream sandwhich has evolved to use chocolate, vanilla, and even oatmeal cookies. 

Ways To Celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Make Yourself A Delicious Dessert

  • Get an idea of what you want to make, what kind of cookie, flavored ice cream filling, and even toppings. 
  • Go to your local grocer and get the ingredients to make your creation.
  • Get your friends and family over and create unique and special ideas of your own, perhaps even making National Ice Cream Sandwich Day a family tradition. 

Visit Your Favorite Ice Cream Parlor

  1. Visit your local ice cream parlor if you do not want to make your own. That should not stop you from celebrating this tasty, refreshingly cool holiday. 
  2. Let the nostalgia flood your senses, and enjoy a local, custom-made ice cream sandwich. 
  3. At the parlor, treat your friends, family, or children and show them how much you care about them, treating them with a treat.

Make Everyday Ice Cream Sandwich Day

  • Even if you miss the holiday, don’t let that stop you from enjoying one of America’s tastiest treats. 
  • During the summer, cool yourself down with a delicious ice cream sandwich.
  • During the Winter, you can pour hot fudge on your sandwich or make a hot fudge fondue, giving you that perfect combination of warm-cozy and cool-refreshing.