Grierfest Hosts Open Mic For Stand-Ups Every Wednesday

Grierfest has teamed up with a local pub for a weekly open mic for stand-up comedians looking to break out.

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TWP | By now, if you live in the Poconos, you’re probably familiar with Grierfest. Every few months, their events bring hilarious comics from all over the tri-state area to the Poconos to make us laugh. The only trouble is that the events sell out quickly, leaving many Pocono residents still thirsting for great comedy. To fill this void, Grierfest has teamed up with Werry’s Pub in Marshalls Creek. Watch the interview.

Every Wednesday at 7 pm, roughly 6-8 local comedians risk it all to come out to Werry’s to test their jokes out on a merciless audience in 7-minute slots. The weekly event is free to attend and anyone brave enough is welcome more than welcome to take their turn. At the end, audience members are handed ballots to vote for their favorite performer of the evening. Each week’s winner is offered a paid slot at John Grier’s Oct. 7 show.

“This week, we actually have a national headlining comic that’s coming out to do a practice set for their next upcoming special. Zach Hammond is going to come out here and do 15 minutes,” said John Grier, host of Grierfest. “It’s good for up-and-coming comics and I try to make it a place where everyone can come and relax. Whether you have experience or if it’s your first mic, all are welcome here. Or, if you have just one joke.”

The Oct. 7 show will take place at Willie Mae’s Place in Gilbert, PA. It will feature several local performers along with two national acts. Grierfest will also host a Sept. 24 show at the Sherman Showcase in Stroudsburg, PA.

Find more information on Grierfest’s upcoming events on their Facebook page.

Werry’s Pub is located at 5049 Milford Rd Apt 2c, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302.