It’s Morbin’ Time: Box Office Flop to Viral Sensation

Morbius, the movie you’ve probably heard of but never seen, is the most recent example of a cultural phenomenon.

Morbius had a budget of $75 million, but according to an article from, it only grossed $73 million from its release in Canada and the US and $90 million internationally. All in all, it was a complete box office blunder. Despite this, Morbius has one of the most prolific followings in the recent era. And it’s powered by memes because nobody saw the movie.

Snakes On a Plane, The Room, Sharknado, and now Morbius. All of these movies have one thing in common, and that’s the fact that the internet took them and raised them to a level of infamy that they would have never achieved by themselves. Morbius failed to perform at the box office but somehow managed to reach into every corner of the internet through the sheer volume of memes that it produced. From “It’s Morbin’ Time” to “Morbius 12: Endgame”, online communities have gone absolutely wild in the creation of meme pieces based on the movie.

This surge of virality even caused Morbius to come back to theaters for one weekend in over 1000 theaters… where it grossed only $85,000 on the first day of its re-release (Slash Film). Yet despite this, Morbius’ following seems to have only grown, with people petitioning to bring it back to theaters for another weekend – although they likely wouldn’t go to see it then either.

If you go on any media platform, you will see something about Morbius from someone who has never even watched the trailer. Morbius has become such a common movie to hear about but no one is seeing it. Fueled by communities of memes, Morbius is one of the most talked-about movies of the year.

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