Most Disturbing Urban Legends Of Pennsylvania

Urban legends exist across the globe. Some more sinister than others, the following stories from Pennsylvania will have you locking your doors and looking around every corner.

Easton | Goblin of Easton | Mythic Creature

According to lore found on, a website dedicated to sharing facts based in your state, a greedy monk worked at a mission in Easton, PA. This monk presumably amassed a fortune of wealth from blackmailing wealthy individuals who confessed their sins to him. Coercive and crafty like a snake, it was over time that the monk became like this until he got noosed for fatally assaulting a frail woman. The mission, however, couldn’t rid itself of the evil monk. His body resurrected, transforming into a ghoul. He retreated into the forest and only returned to the mission to feast on the monks left behind. The monks then ran for their lives and escaped the building before it crumbled.

Allentown | Constitution Drive | Haunted Road

According to lore found on, this haunted road will is desolate, mostly abandoned, composed of gravel, and almost too quiet compared to the rest of Allentown. A man was dismembered by an oncoming train while he was walking his dogs, his leg became severed, and he ended up passing away after a few days of extreme agony and calling out for help, but no one came. People who passed by this lonely road could swear they saw pawprints and a single footprint in the snow left behind by the ghost and his dogs. Ghouls with red eyes and pale white skin are supposedly around this haunted area. One current explanation is the man who lives on the road owns a pot-bellied pig farm. The pale-skinned, red-eyed terrors would be the so-called ghouls.

Philadelphia | Bus To Nowhere | Haunted Vehicle

According to, some of you may have slept on a bus and forgotten to get off at your stop. The Bus To Nowhere is different. Those who step on this bus are affected by the tragedy, the loss, and the hopelessness. Maybe your wife left you and took the children, or you lost all your life savings and left with nothing. Whatever the case, the Bus To Nowhere would haunt your memory if you could remember ever being on it. Passengers are often too dazed, in a trace-like state of misery, unable to pull the cord and get off. Then and only then will the passenger regain their memory. People say that this legendary bus has had passengers ride for several weeks to years, and some never even left, consumed by their misery. One mystery is whether or not SEPTA is in on this or not.

There is no lack of urban legends. Dark, sinister, and mysterious stories live around us, and more lurk around every corner, waiting to be shared.

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