Patriot Groups Hold Demonstrations At Congressional Offices Across The State

As part of the Unite PA movement, patriot groups from across Pennsylvania visited state legislators’ offices on Flag Day, urging a return to in-person voting.

Citizens carrying American Flags gathered at Congressional offices throughout the Commonwealth to meet with staff and discuss election integrity. “It’s time to return our state to a safe and fraud-free election system, and that requires an end to mail-in voting,” said Tom Marchesani, leader of a patriot group. “The legislature is the most powerful branch of government because it’s closest to the people. They need to shut down everything until they re-instate in-person voting.”

The idea of talking with state legislators began in April when patriot groups from all around the state gathered in Allentown and put together a demand on state legislators to return to in-person voting. That demand became known as The Election Integrity Declaration. It reads:

“Whereas electoral integrity is essential to the functioning of a constitutional republic, and Whereas, the move-to mail-in and drop-box voting in Pennsylvania has seriously undermined the integrity of our electoral process.

We, the People of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do hereby demand that the Pennsylvania state legislature immediately return the Commonwealth to in-person voting on election day, with the exceptions as noted in the PA election code prior to ACT 77, with photo identification, proof of US citizenship, state residency and hard copy paper ballots.

Attested to this 11th day of May 2022.”

Over seventy state patriot groups support the Declaration, which has been sent to every PA State Senator and Congressman, according to Marchesani.

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