Pennsylvania’s Healthcare Systems Receive Massive Upgrade

Healthcare is a vital part of everyday life, however, some of its practices are a bit archaic. Thankfully, there is a new system in place to make medical visits smoother than ever.

PENNSYLVANIA STATE | Pennsylvania’s health information exchange (HEI) has been modernized to a new cloud-based system. Allowing for seamless and efficient delivery of healthcare from providers across the commonwealth.

P3N is a platform that connects independent health information organizations (HIOs), thus allowing for information sharing that will ensure efficient care coordination for patients. All providers that are connected to a P3N-certified HIO can easily access a patient’s medical records and see these records get updated in real-time regardless of who they visit, allowing providers to find up-to-date information when they access the P3N service.

“As technology and innovation advance, we must continue to leverage this progress to improve our work and deliver services across the health care system,” said Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) Acting Secretary, Meg Snead. “The P3N’s new platform gives us the opportunity to continue strengthening connections and information across health care providers with the goal of improving the patient experience whenever possible and helping Pennsylvanians to live healthy, fulfilling lives.”

The P3N system is designed with the best-in-class technologies and is aiming to make the transfer of medical information more efficient and practical to help patients get the care they need faster. These records are also not stored on the system to ensure their security. So far, the system has already improved the process of matching patients to providers and the process of retrieving medical documents. The P3N system plans to further improve upon enhanced reporting, improved portal experience, and integration of the Public Health Gateway in the coming months.

“P3N’s new platform provides the foundation for additional services that will integrate care coordination and advance health data exchange in Pennsylvania,” said Martin Ciccocioppo, director of the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Program. “Pennsylvanians will greatly benefit from increased system capabilities, making health records securely available to providers and patients and streamlining public health reporting, which will ultimately improve patient health.”

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