Pocono Taqueria Celebrates 2nd Cinco De Mayo

Today is Cinco De Mayo, but what does that mean? Sherlie, an employee of Del Tacos, said, “Cinco De Mayo is a day of celebration between family, friends, and their community as the day Mexico won its first battle as an Independent Country in Puebla fighting the French. Most people confuse Mexico gaining its independence with Cinco De Mayo, but that day was September 16th, not May 5th.”

According to cincodemayo.org, Americans across the United States often celebrate Cinco De Mayo by eating authentic traditional foods, throwing parties, parades, and playing Mexican folk music.

Del Tacos celebrates their 2nd Cinco De Mayo in Stroudsburg, PA; authentic Mexican food, atmosphere, spirit, and sense of community set them apart from the competition and a welcoming environment with an ambiance that exudes personality and liveliness.

Photo Credit: Thomas Kwan

Carne Asada Tacos are one of Del Tacos’ best sellers. This dish consists of great flavor, texture, and color that bring this dish to the next level.

Green and red symbolize the independence of Mexico and the union. They even compliment the dish with two limes; for that added layer of freshness.

The Mexican spirit and passion are not lost, as the Owner of Del Tacos opened this restaurant during the height of the pandemic on September 16th, 2020. It takes real courage and strong will to start a business and even more so to do it during hard times.

Find out why Del Tacos makes celebrating Cinco De Mayo so amazing at 428 Main St Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

To contact Del Tacos, please call 570) 420-1199 or their Facebook.

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