PPL Customers To Experience Default Service Rate Change

PPL Customers should expect changes starting on December 1 pending PPL’s bi-yearly update.

Pennsylvania State | Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) announced that the default service rate of 12.366¢/kWh will be changed on December 1, 2022, as per its biyearly update.

An email addressed to PPL customers explains, “As of your most recent electric bill, you purchase your electricity supply through PPL Electric paying the default rate. The default rate is updated twice a year based upon competitive energy auctions. It’s designed to secure the lowest rate offered, which we then pass on to you based on your electric use at no profit to us.” On June 1, 2022, PPL’s default service rate saw a 38.3067% increase to 12.366¢/kWh. Learn More. The newest update to the default service rate is slated to be announced in early November.

PPL urges customers to check energy supplier status, “We deliver your electricity, but we don’t own the power plants where that electricity is generated. In Pennsylvania, you can shop around for the electricity supplier that is right for your family.” The email continues, also offering resources that customers can use to find an electricity supplier that offers rates and services that is better suited for them.


Rates and Shopping: https://pplelectric.com/site/Ways-to-Save/Rates-and-Shopping

Save energy: Energy efficiency resources & rebates.

Get bill help: Assistance Programs.

For more ideas, tips, and information for managing higher bills this winter, visit pplelectric.com/highbill. Anyone with questions about the rate increases is urged to call PPL at 1-800-342-5775.