The Blue Ridge Flea Market Makes Its Triumphant Return

Let the treasure hunting commence! The Blue Ridge Flea market is now open for the weekends (when the weather permits) through October. It’s easy to see why this flea market has been such a staple in the Poconos since 1976: it truly has something for everyone. If you need a pair of sunglasses, you will certainly be able to find a pair from a regular vendor on the site. Not far from the sunglasses, you can find Jarred Pickles, which is a nice treat to bring home. You don’t have to walk far to find handcrafted bird feeders, garden tools, or even DVD movies at unbeatable prices.

Also on site is KC’s grill, which employs young people to make your breakfast or lunch fresh just as you order it, so you can get back to walking around the field that was once a former drive-in theater. Each week, you’ll see returning vendors, but there are always those folks who are out there selling for the first time. Think of this flea market as a collection of yard sales, conveniently located off 33 and 115, so there is no need to follow endless pink signs down unfamiliar roads to find small treasures.

Keep in mind that, while the flea market officially closes at 3 PM, a lot of vendors tend to start packing up around one, particularly on humid days, windy days, or rainy days. Keep in mind that many vendors probably started setting up before daybreak since the market opens at 6 AM.;. The best advice is to arrive early; obviously, that’s when you’ll find the best stuff. What’s more, while there’s plenty of parking available, the line of cars looking for a space around the back of the market (close to Route 33) gets longer starting around 7:30 AM.

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