The Poconos Gear Up For Edwin Krawitz 5k Memorial Run

For the 39th year in a row, competitors gather to pay their respects to the late and great Edwin Krawitz. He was a U.S. veteran, a supporter of the NAACP, a lawyer held in high regard, and a long-distance runner. He was vigorous and energetic in whatever ventures he undertook. Many know he was passionate about physical health but may be unaware that he was the Godfather of fitness running.

According to, his origin story begins in the humble town of Honesdale, PA. Born July 19th, 1928, during The Great Depression and raised in Hawley, Edwin Krawitz is a true Pocono native. He has given back to his community through his military service and litigation. He was the son of Mollie, and Simon Krawitz and had a brother of Eugen Krawitz. Well-respected Milford attorney Sidney L. Krawitz is his cousin. Before he received funding through the ROTC program to attend the University Of Pennsylvania Law School, he attended The University Of Scranton. Edwin was a soldier in United States Army stationed in Germany during the Korean War and was Honorably discharged as the 2nd Lt. Quartermaster Corps after the war ended. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania added him to the Pennsylvania Bar and opened his practice in Monroe County in 1957. also reported that Ed loved to compete. This was apparent as he had attended nine successive marathons in a row. From 1974 through 1983, he broke a 3-hour time within the 50-54 age group in one of those races. Eugene, Oregon, held a competition where he placed 8th in the World’s Veteran’s Championships. The World Association of Veteran Athletes Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden. Wayne Area Sports Hall of Fame inducted him into the hall of fame in 2001. He was no stranger to physical fitness and health. He even enjoyed cooking and was an avid garlic consumer who even lived by the motto “There is no such thing as a little Garlic.” A supporter of collegiate sports and physical health as a whole, it’s no wonder that we honor him by participating in a 5k run.

The 39th annual 5k Memorial Run Judicata will be held May 1st at 913 Main St Stroudsburg, PA 18360 @ 9:00 AM EST- 12:00 PM EST. For more information, please visit the following link:


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