Today Is Care Bears Share Your Care Day

Yes, there really is a holiday honoring the Care Bears. And no, you probably won’t get the day off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t participate by helping others today.

ENTERTAINMENT | Sept. 9, 2022, is Share Your Care Day. Many of us grew up watching the Care Bears. If you’re in the prime of your life like a lot of 40-somethings, you probably remember the original cartoon or the three movies from the 1980s. If you’re younger, there’s a good chance you’ve been around for the five subsequent relaunches over the past three decades. Even if you grew up way before then, there’s still a very good chance you’re familiar with these guys.

Cute, colorful bears and their cousins, comprised of all sorts of other animals, go around helping those in need, fixing things, and generally making the world a better place for everyone. And every episode, when things get really tough, they all rally together to activate their ultimate weapon, the Care Bear Stare. While we may not be able to shoot rainbows, stars, or beams of light from our chests while we gather with others, it still doesn’t mean we can’t rally together and use our magical (or maybe not magical) abilities to help those around us.

It can be a lot or a little. It can be as easy as putting a quarter in someone’s parking meter as you walk by and see it’s expired or giving that guy who’s always asking for a dollar for the bus a couple of dollars for the beer he intends to buy. It can mean signing up to volunteer your time at a local charity. It can even mean donating your unneeded possessions to someone who may benefit from their use. It doesn’t really matter how far you take it. You may be amazed at how much difference we can make when everyone pitches in just a little.

So, get out there and do some good. If not for the Care Bears, do it for your friends, your neighbors, or some random stranger. Helping others typically provides a real sense of satisfaction for everyone involved. So, it’s not without reward.