Stroudsburg Concerts In The Square Finishes 2022 Season

This past Thursday, Stroudsburg residents and visitors alike gathered in the courthouse square to be in attendance at the final concert in the square event of the 2022 season. 

Video by Mike Lynn; Jared Acosta | Pocono Update

Watch Video: Stroudsburg Concerts In The Square Finishes 2022 Season

The Concerts in the Square are a tradition Stroudsburg adopted back in 2015 after Erica McCabe, the Vice President of Stroudsburg Borough Council, discussed the need for more family-centered music in community events with Stroudsburg Mayor Tarah Probst. Since then, the Concerts in the Square have become a key part of Stroudsburg summers, and they keep improving.

Mayor Probst mentioned a notable change in the production of the Concerts in the Square events over the past couple of years. “We have Adam Courtney, who joined us. He’s into music. He’s a promoter. So he got us stages, and we turned it up a notch the last two years, said Probst. “We went 12 weeks this year instead of 10 because the demand is there.”

Concerts in the Square were created with children in mind. “We did need a more family-friendly event for kids to experience music in our community,” said McCabe. “So we have chalk art and kids running around and enjoying the local music and musicians.”

U.S. Congressman Matt Cartwright also made a surprise visit during this time, “It’s one of a lot of different points of pride of downtown Stroudsburg. I just got the last few songs from the band called Flying Blind, and they are wonderful. So wonderful that the people were out in the square in front of the courthouse dancing along to their songs.” said Cartwright. “This is exactly the kind of community spirit you like to see and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

The next Concerts in the Square Season Begins in June of 2023. Stroudsburg’s courthouse square also hosts farmer’s markets every Saturday. In addition, Stroudfest is coming up on September 3, and the Irish festival is on September 10.