Unidentified Monroe County Arsonist Still At Large

On August 22, a Peterbilt dump truck was set on fire by an unidentified suspect at approximately 12:20 AM. The Pocono Township Police are seeking help from the community in identifying the criminal.

Henryville, PA | The unidentified suspect committed arson and promptly left the scene, according to Pocono Township Police. The suspect entered the business yard near Cherry Lane Church and SR0715. Video footage showed the observed suspect setting fire to a Peterbilt dump truck at approximately 12:20. The Pocono Township Police Department is seeking help identifying the suspect. So they can move the case forward and apprehend the criminal. Currently, the identity and location of the suspect remain unknown.

The Pocono Township Police is seeking help from anyone who may have seen the suspect or have security cameras containing footage of the crime to help identify the criminal. Officer James Scott Jr. of Pocono Township Police asks the public to contact him through email or phone with the identity, whereabouts, sightings, or possible video footage containing the suspect.

Officer James Scott Jr Contact Information:

Email: jscott@poconopd.org

Phone: 570-629-7200 EXT 236.

Pocono Township Police Contact Information:

Facebook: Pocono Township Police Offical Facebook

Warrant Issue Date: Monday, August 22, 2022 – 12:00 pm

Incident Type: Arson Reference

ID: 20220822M8217

Case Status: Current Case

Type: Criminal Case Region: Northeastern

Source: Pocono Township Police Department

Crime Scene Location: Cherry Lane Church SR715 Henryville. PA

About Pocono Township Police:

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